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Nordisk Vanaheim 24

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Nordisk Vanaheim til bomulds telt i særklasse

Kvalitets bomulds telt på hele 24 m3

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A real funky tent almost like a portable palace

Vanaheim 24 is almost like a mobile castle for the outdoors. Shaped like a house and with two big windows in each end, lots of ground level D-windows and a large double entrance this tent offers endless possibilities for a group or an event, lots of space for a small family or glamping luxury for two people – and if you want to install a double bed inside, the middle pole can be left out. It is rich on both space, light and ventilation with great living environment due to the breathable cotton fabric. Vanaheim can be upgraded to ultimate luxury by adding the tailored zip-in groundsheet and extra sleeping cabins.

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